Kristina Paul

Kristina Paul

Alicante, Spain
Life Coach
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Let me take you on a journey from transitioning In-Between Years, seeking more life and new heights, to discover where you are more powerful than you know, polishing your unique brilliance with each conversation more, navigating obstacles and mastering challenges, empowering you to finally leap, connecting you to your core, letting you shine bright from within and helping you execute living your very best life possible, step by step. 
 I am your listener, cheerleader, mirror, storyteller, celebrant, co-creator, accountability partner, inner saboteur tamer - and partner in crime if you need one. As an ICF accredited Certified Life Coach I am collecting many treasured tools since 30+ years on 4 continents in a variety of fields ranging from Systemic Consultancy, Human Resources Management and Advisory, Change Management, Knowledge Management, Holistic Health Care Modalities, Consciousness Engineering, Neuroscience, Youth Empowerment, Meditation Facilitation, Event Management and Tourism to being a multiple Business Owner, Real Estate Investor, muse, and mum to 3 children - consciously developing my own best version of myself since 15+ years. Who do I need to be in order to what I want to do? I can proudly say, I am now consciously living the very best version of my life possible every day. This was not always the case. I have been there, but have embarked on this journey. I am proof. (Re-)creating yourself and your life as your very own masterpiece AND living it this way, is a process, but it IS totally possible. Contact me for a chat! I would love to connect with you.

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