Natalia  Jokiel (Yockelle)

Natalia Jokiel (Yockelle)

Klodzko, Poland
Transformation Coach
English, Polish

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Hello, I'm a co-founder of FLOWNOW, a creative transformation guide, catalyst for flow, and certified business coach. My mission is to reflect your inner beauty and potential through an authentic personal brand that empowers you to showcase your talents and make a meaningful impact on the world. Think of me as your mirror, collaborator, and trusted companion on your journey. At FLOWNOW, we dream big and pursue our aspirations boldly. We aim to inspire and empower impact makers like YOU to drive positive change globally. Influenced by transformative coaches and mentors who changed my path, I've dedicated myself to coaching. By blending creativity with logic, and spirituality with neuroscience, I offer a unique perspective through intuitive design coaching. I'm here to guide you in designing your ideal life and authentic self, harnessing the power of intuition while grounding your visions in reality. With empathy, an open mind, and unwavering enthusiasm for achieving dreams, I'm committed to finding beauty and balance in every aspect of life. In today's competitive landscape, standing out with an authentic personal brand is essential for gaining recognition and building meaningful connections. Personal branding goes beyond strategy—it's a voyage of self-discovery and empowerment, enabling you to embody your true self and make a lasting impact confidently. I'm thrilled to embark on this transformative journey, guiding you to embrace your uniqueness, shape your personal brand, and craft the life you envision. Let's unlock your online presence to attract new customers, successfully launch products, and establish a resilient personal or organizational brand through powerful branding, website, or custom e-learning platform that blends beauty with functionality. As your intuitive design coach, I'm dedicated to helping you discover and embody your personal brand from the inside out. Let's create personal brand and online presence that resonates and drives your success.

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