Dr. Michal A. Abel

Dr. Michal A. Abel

Lausanne, Switzerland
Executive Coach
English, Polish, French

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I empower exceptional leaders, often women, to transform burnout into vitality & impact. Book a free coaching call today to 10x your impact and vitality without burnout, exhaustion, and overwhelm. Clients come to me when they feel unsatisfied with their lives, often exhausted, overwhelmed, or unfulfilled. I was there, I understand your struggle, and I can help. YOU You are successful but too exhausted to follow your true dream. You achieve outstanding results but are too overwhelmed to feel satisfied and have fun. You bring excellence to work but have no energy for yourself, your partner, or your children. You feel different; sometimes a rebel or outsider, often an outlier. You are here for the long run, and consider your mind and body your biggest assets. Our clients stay with us much longer and bring friends and colleagues because we care. WE will: ✨ Define your Zone of Genius: 20x success without stress & overwhelm. ✨ Reignite Your Passion for Life: Discover what truly energizes you and how to incorporate it into your daily life. ✨ Boost Your Vitality: Learn practical strategies to enhance your physical, mental, and emotional energy levels. ✨ Enhance your Performance: Strengthen your Recovery and focus to prevent (or cure) burnout. ✨ Develop Resilience: Make stress your biggest friend and approach adversities with grace and ease. ✨ Live Authentically: Align your life with your values and passions, creating a fulfilling and purpose-driven existence. ✨ Grow your Health: optimize the functioning of your body at the cellular level with Personalized Nutrition (in collaboration with Viome). WOULD THAT BE OF INTEREST TO YOU? Book a free coaching call today to transform the overwhelm into vital energy and success.

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Executive Coach

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