Nathalie Cabart

Nathalie Cabart

Paris, France
Marketing Director
English, French

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When I was young, I was feeling like the Ugly Duckling. It took me years of personal development & growth before I could finally see the swan in me, and I could let my own light shine brightly and freely. Today, I commit to helping as many people as possible to realize the beautiful swan they too are. After 30 years of market research as a qualitative moderator, I have transitioned towards energy & life coaching, that I combine seamlessly in my practice - topped with a few drops of essential oils that I love! I help people who feel dull or impeded in their lives, people who ignore their inner power and struggle to see their own light - due to physical pains not soothed by traditional medicine, or to emotional blocks, limiting thoughts, anxiety or low self-worth... I help my clients to free themselves from those energetic blocks or limited beliefs, to rebalance their energy level and to reprogram their minds, so they can finally reconnect to their inner power, glow beautifully and shine their bright light onto the world.

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Marketing Director


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