Laura Gombas

Laura Gombas

Copenhagen, Denmark
English, Hungarian

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Hi! I am Laura. I have always been „lucky" to do what I truly love/loved. I'm a former gymnast with tremendous success, a teacher and a Certified Personal Trainer who was able to teach, help and guide so many people throughout the last decade. know...most of the time there is a but so here we go... I realized that continuing how I was doing what I was doing will not give me the quality of life I wanted to live. I decided to shift focus, go deeper and find different ways and techniques to get closer and closer to myself and find real alignment. And here I am… I am so happy for being brave enough to start this journey, work on myself and for my dreams while I still help and guide others as a Certified Life Coach. Being a part of improving people's lives is important to me. My mission is to help gain consistency, confidence, structure and stability to reach goals and become the best version of themselves. Looking forward to connecting with you.

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