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Faruk Munshi

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Hello, and welcome to a journey where technology meets soulful transformation. My name is Faruk Munshi, and I come from a serene village in West Bengal, India, where academic achievements were celebrated, and love was abundant. My passion for science and math led me to pursue a BSc in Physics in Kolkata. However, the soulless teaching curriculum drove me to drop out in my final year, setting me on an unexpected path toward self-discovery. Despite traditional expectations, life had other plans for me. I started teaching physics and math online to US students, which introduced me to the fascinating world of coding and programming. I dove into the tech industry, secured my first job, and reveled in the joy of creation through code. However, the relentless pace soon took its toll. I experienced burnout firsthand, feeling it carve a hole in my soul. This crisis became a blessing in disguise. My early engagement in self-development helped me rediscover my true needs and align them with a newfound mission and vision. Today, my mission is to transform the lives of 1 million IT professionals. My goal is to help them overcome self-sabotaging mindsets and burnout, coaching them to become confident individuals connected with their inner selves. My vision is a world where every human being is connected with their soul and living their purpose. As a tech burnout survivor, I believe challenges can be pivotal moments for introspection and growth. By embracing these moments, we can recreate our identities and unlock our soul’s superpowers, leading to lives filled with meaning, purpose, and joy. Join me in this transformational journey. Together, we can shift from mere survival in our careers to thriving in every aspect of our lives. Connect with me on Mindvalley, and let's start crafting your path to a fulfilled and purpose-driven life. Here’s to creating our dream lives, together.

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