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Charlène Delaville

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Welcome! I'm Charlène Delaville, a certified NLP hypnotherapist dedicated to unlocking creativity and fostering deep connections between individuals and art. With a passion for both psychological wellness and artistic expression, I specialize in guiding people through transformative journeys that enhance their appreciation of art and tap into their own creative potential. 🔎 About Me: My journey into the world of art and therapy began with a deep fascination for how art can influence and enhance the human experience. Over the years, I have honed my skills in NLP hypnotherapy and developed a unique approach that combines guided visualization, sensory engagement, and personal interaction with artworks and artists. This method allows participants to explore art on a profound level, uncovering hidden elements and connecting with their inner creativity. 🎨 What Are Immersive Art Experiences? 🎨 My immersive art experiences are designed to be intimate and powerful, offering a blend of guided visualization and sensory engagement. These sessions include: 👉 Meet the Artist: An introduction to the artist and their work, fostering a personal connection. 👉Immersion in Art: Deep observation of a chosen artwork, allowing participants to discover details and hidden elements. 👉Guided Visualization: Relaxation techniques and guided imagery that enable participants to enter the artwork, engaging all senses—sight, sound, smell, and touch. 👉Creativity Room: An interactive session where participants meet and interact with a personification of their creativity, gaining insights and inspiration. 👉Sharing Circle: A group discussion where participants share their experiences, enriching collective understanding and appreciation of art. 🔮 Connect with Me: For more information on upcoming sessions, or to book a personalized coaching session, please visit my website or contact me directly. Let’s embark on this creative journey together! Stay creative !

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