Lija  Wierieszczinskaja

Lija Wierieszczinskaja

Geneva, Switzerland
Life & Executive Coach

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I help people to find their path by being guided by a need for self-expression, and to find their balance by reframing relationships with everything they do. I am an impact-driven person to teaches people to see their success stories and become able to tell their stories to others. I emphasized the importance of self-awareness as a core stone of self-alignment. The more I know about human infinite potential, the more ways I see for the business to grow organically by creating a brand essence that incorporates a soulful culture, an environment where people thrive, and their engagement and performance create a ripple effect leading to the success of an organization. Throughout my 20-year business leadership career I questioned WHY people can make such a difference in a job and can’t navigate their choices in their personal lives. I discovered that self-expression is fundamental to creating alignment in all areas of our lives. By knowing who we are, we bring out the best in ourselves, we get to understand that the environment is a variable offering us opportunities. Coaching makes me feel deeply rewarded for making people see their uniqueness, creating their healthy alignment with every life situation.

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