Shubhangi Shukla

Shubhangi Shukla

Bikaner, India
Transformation Coach
English, Hindi

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Hey there, I am Shubhangi, an Indian woman on her journey to help other women HEAL Guilt & Shame, so that they can be authentically and unapologetically YOU ❤️‍🔥 When you come into my world, we play with Inner Child Healing, releasing and freeing that little girl within you who is screaming for LOVE & attention. As a Psychic Spiritual Mentor, I help you tap deeper into your own psychic abilities. This helps you know, understand and heal yourself. For years I struggled with the question "Who am I?" but I never found the answer until I looked within myself. I show you how you can do this too. DM me JOURNAL on IG @coachedbyshubhi to receive a free gift! I look forward to help you rise and shine beautiful angel ❤️

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