Aleksandra Dziekońska

Aleksandra Dziekońska

Warsaw, Poland
Transformation Coach
Polish, English, Spanish

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I coach to empower women who feel their lives are stuck. They wonder if they have been going their way so far or if they have been fulfilling the expectations of others, sidelining themselves. They may not know what to do next, but they understand better and better what they don't want, both professionally and personally. They feel burnt out and tired and want to work and live differently, on their terms. They think about quitting their corporate jobs or climbing the career ladder, going to Bali, starting all over again, building their own business, stopping and understanding what they want, finding a different career path, writing a book, and living a more creative and fulfilling life. I help them build a new vision for their life, identify goals, and turn them into plans. We look at the beliefs that accompany them daily and create habits and rituals supporting their new vision. I am a PwC-certified Business Coaching Diploma and a Mindvalley life coach. I have nine years of experience in business and strategic consulting related to change management, business transformation, work organization, leadership, and communication. I accompany women who want to take action and create their lives. I empower them in their individual and business dreams and ambitions, which we turn into realistic goals and plans during coaching sessions!

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Transformation Coach


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