Elena Holler

Elena Holler

Trento, Italy
Italian, English, Korean, Japanese

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Hello everyone! I'm Elena, connecting with you from Italy. With a multitude of passions, such as music, I embarked on a journey of exploration from a young age, delving into various subjects and exchanging knowledge, and stories, with individuals worldwide. This journey broadened my horizons, exposing me to diverse cultures, mindsets, and languages, all while fostering my aptitude for linguistic acquisition. And this is the story of how I became a linguist, weaving through the realms of English, Korean, and Japanese, pursuing this path as a career and my main occupation. However, I soon realized that my heart's true calling was to connect with people even more, helping them on a deeply personal level while unravelling the mysteries of psychology and the hidden depths of the human mind. Because of that, I started focusing on this subject more and more, and finally immersed myself in the study of hypnosis, recognizing its potential as a tool that can help people to obtain remarkable transformations and benefits in just a couple of sessions. And here I am now, happier than ever as I witness the positive impact I can make every time my clients excitedly reach out to me to update me on their progress. 💖 If my story resonates with you, feel free to connect with me in any of the languages I speak! You can find my contact information below:

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