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Kathleen McCallum

Santa Rosa, United States
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Greetings, my name is Kathleen McCallum and I’m currently producing and directing a documentary that focuses on a musician who has ALS. The film covers our 18-month journey demonstrating positive steps we took to help him extend his life and try to reverse his ALS symptoms. After meeting two verified ALS reversal patients, he adopted their natural reversal protocol to his diet. In order to absorb the holistic supplements recommended for an ALS reversal, he needed to heal his stomach microbiome first. I've studied holistic healing since working on a cancer ward back in the early 1980"s. I really enjoyed taking nutrition in college and it led me to study natural healing for the past 4 decades. My experience on that cancer ward helped me fight for my mother’s life twice. She had breast cancer in the 1980’s and later diagnosed with level 4 stomach cancer when she was 80. We used nutritional supplements along with chemotherapy. I’m happy to say that my mother saw her 92 birthdays while still living in her own house. We attribute her victory over level 4 stomach cancer to her taking natural supplements that helped to shrink her tumor prior to surgery. I’m glad Viome is showing the world a better way to live and heal through nutrition. It’s an answered prayer for me. I am proud to be a Certified Viome Nutritional Coach so I can help people live a happier, healthier lives. Kathleen McCallum

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