Diana Venskyte Landborg

Diana Venskyte Landborg

Stockholm, Sweden
English, Swedish, Lithuanian

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I am a Mindvalley Hypnotherapist and soon to be Stress therapist. I am a former substitute teacher, social anthropologist, economist and a mother of two teens. I have always been a person who wanted to live a fulfilling life and was afraid of missing out. I pushed myself hard in both work and private life. 2012 when our son was 4 years old an daughter 1 my body said "its enough" and I burned out for the first time. I changed my life, my career, my habits and learned a lot about health CBT, Mindfulness and yoga and thought I know new how to handle life. Until I crashed again in 2017 and burned out again with severe depression, broken leg and blood cloths. Then I tried to get out of that deep dark hole and stumbled upon a Mindvalley add for Conscious Parenting Mastery quest with Dr. Shefali. It changed my life and I became a Mindvalley ambassador and later circle host. I started swimming in cold water and found many new friends, insights and learned about our bodies, minds, emotions and how all is connected, After supporting Mindvalley members for 3 years I now strive to serve people and guide them how to live better and healthier lives. If you have any stress problems, depression, anxiety, panic attacks or overactive nervous system, I am here to support you. Just write me a message and we can connect. My mission is to show people how to be less stressed and enjoy a more joyful and fulfilling life where they have tools to handle the hurdles of life. To show that there are ways to feel better and know that they are not alone. With love, Diana 💖

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