Silvija  Akif

Silvija Akif

Brussels, Belgium
English, French, Croato-Serbian or Serbo-croatian, Dutch

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Get Holistic about your life through psychotherapy, life & health coaching, quantum physics, nutrition excellence, Rapid Transformational Therapy, meditation and so much more! Psychologist, holistic life & health coach, nutrition therapist - nutritarian coach and meditation teacher, I'm reaching subconscious blockages and trauma through quantum physics. I'm currently training with Marisa Peer to become a Rapid Transformational Therapist. As a psychologist my scope has always been to search for what makes people happy. I have been working for over 17 years as a psychologist, trainer, coach and teacher at the University. I'm passionate about human's body and mind, and how to bring these two to coexist in the most optimal way and simply thrive in all areas of life. I have a huge passion for health and nutrition and I keep training and researching in these fields and on how they impact our overall life and happiness. I'm developing my own holistic model of health and wellbeing with a very practical toolbox aiming at fully equipping my clients to manage their lives by themselves. I wish to empower them to create the life they want to live, and live it on their terms. I also wish to help them reverse aging and prevent disease (both physical and emotional/ mental) through health and wellbeing tips & tricks, including from Ayurveda, Blue Zones etc. I offer various coaching modules, cures and workshops on health, wellbeing, nutrition, energy & vitality, longevity, job & career, work/life balance, life vision, relationships, beauty, mind & spirituality etc. I have an expertise in coaching people victims of discrimination such as people with specific needs due to a disability or a medical condition, and companies on how to accommodate them throughout the entire Human Resources cycle (from attraction and staff selection through recruitment and to career development and wellbeing). Interested? Contact me via : Email: Phone: +32476995359

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