Miquel Niamat

Miquel Niamat

Paramaribo, Suriname
Dutch, English

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As a High- Performance coach I am empowering ambitious individuals, professionals, business owners and leaders perform at their highest level by igniting their awareness so they unlock their full potential. My specialization lies is High - Performance coaching, engaging individuals and teams concerning their performance levels based on an organization’s needs for the improvement of individuals’ and teams’ performance that are not adequate or consistent with the organization’s performance and productivity goals. In company cultures, analyzing the performance gaps from individuals and helping them re-engineering their behaviors, so they understand how their results are formed and re-align them with the highest version of themselves and with the company’s vision. Once you make that shift in your mindset, you'll discover a more efficient and powerful way to approach what you're doing with unwavering strength, absolute clarity and confidence to obtain purpose, freedom and fulfillment. To achieve this essential commitment, organizations must be goal-driven and connect their Performance and Productivity to their strategic and business plans. Profitability and Financial growth are the most critical elements of an organization’s well-being, success in longevity, and sustainability. An organization can recognize its needs for: - Improving performance, - Increasing productivity, - Expanding its market, or training to compare its actual results with its committed results, such as goals, outcomes of the strategic plan, and business plan. That’s why I am committed to providing you with a proven step- by- step success roadmap with a set of dynamic tools and tailored strategies carefully crafted over the years designed not just to guide, but to supercharge individuals towards purposeful & aligned actions on their personal and professional growth journey enabling them to achieve their goals.

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