Anja Eriksen

Anja Eriksen

Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Commercial Helicopter Pilot
English, French, German, Scandinavian, Danish

Certified in


I am Danish, and live in both Scotland and Denmark. I work as a helicopter pilot and a Crew Resource Management Trainer. This is my passion. When I am not working I spend my time in our House in Denmark. Through CRM I get to transform the company I work for. Slowly, but surely. It is very satisfying and I love what I do. This is part of my life’s purpose. I can now add Certified Life Coach to my purpose list, which is a whole new adventure waiting to be unleashed. I love helping people seeing new opportunities and find their inner strength. Being part of Mindvalley and having that as a background support helps me do that work. I absolutely can not wait to see what the future has to bring ❤️

Spoken Languages

English French German Scandinavian Danish



Commercial Helicopter Pilot