Clara  Vincenc-Cismaru

Clara Vincenc-Cismaru

Prague, Czechia
Leadership Coach
Romanian, Czech, English

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🚀 Leadership Transformation & Bringing Great Products to Life | Speaker | Product & Leadership Coach | Certified Business Consultant What if your work could feel like a purpose-driven passion rather than just a job? I'm on a mission to help ignite a transformation, helping individuals discover their inner light and allow it to radiate brilliantly. ✨ Our world craves compassionate leaders, empowered teams, and products that not only meet needs but are truly loved. My passion for growth has led me here: from Software Developer to Product Leader and Speaker. 🚀 I've triumphed and learned from failure, and concluded that the world needs more compassionate leaders and better products. 💡 Now I'm a Certified Business Coach with 15+ years of experience in Product Management, Leadership, and Public Speaking. My approach combines human compassion and growth. 🌱 My core values of love, service, freedom, and authenticity guide me. I believe in others' potential and focus on strengths for excellence. ✨

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