Reza Larimi

Reza Larimi

Toronto, Canada
English, Persian

Certified in


An engineer at heart with a legacy of innovation, Reza embarked on a transformative journey that transcended traditional business ventures, leading him to the heart of personal growth and bio-hacking. His dedication to unlocking the pinnacle of human performance, both mentally and physically, drives his coaching philosophy. Embracing change as the catalyst for all personal evolution, Reza has reshaped his life with a profound focus on health, wealth, and happiness. He champions the idea that our external world is a reflection of our internal state, and as such, he encourages individuals to dive deep into self-improvement, ensuring that they shine both personally and professionally. With a commitment to lifelong learning and a belief in the power of self-work, Reza offers not just guidance, but a partnership. His approach is rooted in kindness, understanding, and the unwavering belief in the potential that lies within each of us.

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