Karen Jaroudi

Karen Jaroudi

Ottawa, Canada
Transformation Coach
English, Arabic

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As a Personal Style, Home Style, and Life Coach, I have skillfully combined various techniques to empower individuals in transforming not just their style and living spaces but also their entire outlook on life. Drawing from my design education, and my experience in the construction industry, I realized that altering physical spaces was just one part of the equation. Delving deeper into the realms of change, I pursued and achieved my Personal Style Coaching™ degree, followed by further studies with Mindvalley to become a certified Life Coach. As the owner of Refine By Design, a hub dedicated to personal transformation, my mission is to provide a nurturing environment filled with creativity, inspiration, and motivation. I firmly believe that our personal style and living spaces are profound reflections of our inner selves and should be aligned with our deepest desires and values. My ultimate goal is to assist people in harmonizing these aspects and equip them with the necessary tools for profound and holistic change. To achieve this, I have devised the innovative 5 layers of transformation program. This comprehensive approach takes individuals on a journey starting from the surface layer of their outer style, guiding them towards exploring their inner core, values, and outlook on life. By integrating change at each level, my clients experience a profound and lasting transformation that goes beyond mere superficial adjustments. With this program, I empower individuals to make authentic and meaningful changes that positively impact their lives on a fundamental level.

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