Serap Erbas

Serap Erbas

London, United Kingdom
Yoga Teacher
English, Turkish

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Looking to achieve optimal physical, spiritual as well as mental wellness? Look no further than me as a valuable practitioner, that I am not only a certified master in Pilates, in Yoga and in reiki but also recently certified Mindvalley / Paul McKenna Hypnotherapist. With years of experience and extensive trainings in these diverse disciplines, I have the knowledge and expertise needed to help you achieve your wellness goals. Whether you are seeking to build strength and flexibility through Pilates and yoga or looking to tap into the healing power of Reiki, I have got you covered. But that’s not all, I also achieved certification from Mindvalley by Paul McKenna program as a hypnotherapist, equipped powerful tools for personal growth and transformation. Whether you are struggling with anxiety or challenges in your life or simply seeking to break bad habits or achieve personal goals, hypnotherapy can help you unlock the power of your mind to achieve lasting change, With a unique and comprehensive approach to wellness, I am the go-to practitioner for anyone seeking to achieve their full potential. My expertise in multiple disciplines allow me to create a tailored approach to each client’s individual needs, providing a truly personalised experience that delivers best results. Don’t wait to start your wellness journey. Contact me today to schedule your first session and experience the power of Pilates, yoga , reiki and hypnotherapy for yourself. I was born in Turkey and I have been living in London for 22 years and has been teaching Pilates and Yoga more than 12 years in worldwide. My studio is in Bayswater, London. You can easily book a session with me via zoom wherever you are in the world.

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