Andrea Toepfer-Sahingoez

Andrea Toepfer-Sahingoez

Schenefeld, Germany
Life & Executive Coach
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Burnout --> Balance Exhaustion --> Energy Frustration --> Freedom As a mom of 3, a long-term spouse and a Certified Business Coach & Consultant I understand your feeling of overwhelm by the endless demands of work, parenthood and daily responsibilities. With an exceptional talent for organization and structure in business and private life, I have what it takes to help you tackle your time management woes. As a parent, partner and hardworking professional, I understand the importance of balancing the requirements of everyday life. With a commitment to reliability and with many years of experience in human resources, finances and online marketing, I have earned a reputation as a trusted resource for those looking to simplify their businesses and lives. Don't let the chaos of daily tasks hold you back any longer, let me help you take control and start enjoying life to the fullest.

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Life & Executive Coach


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