Brenda  Grade

Brenda Grade

Antwerp, Belgium
Transformation Coach
English, Dutch, French

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I learned to start living after a dark period in my life. Depression, limiting beliefs, lots of fears, learning to dissociate from a very young age … I had(ve) it all in my backpack. One day I finally had enough of being stuck and wanted to go through life differently and finally wanted to start living. I started my path of personal growth, the best thing I could ever do for myself. I gained lots of techniques and insights along the way. My path is far from perfect, it is not special in any way, I am no expert however I am a unique being willing to see others thrive in live. I am still learning to find my way, testing out tools and ways for optimizing my days and ways. I am driven, curious and although sometimes sadness may hit me, I always bounce back and am on the search of better ways to handle my challenges. My story did happen to me for a reason, it is time to share it and inspire others to find out the best way to shine and feel good about themselves. You want to challenge yourself with me? Reach out and let’s find out the gems life has in store for you.

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Transformation Coach


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