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Madeline Peguero MS, CSN, Certified Holobody Coach My background of nutrition, fitness and philosophy has led me on a life path of focusing on not just what we do but HOW we do it and seeking deep meaning and fulfillment in all that we do to make the most of our life experience. Throughout my life I was always known as the fitness girl always in the gym and for most of my life that was fun until going to the gym became just a task to check off of my to-do list due to the battles with debilitating skin inflammation and auto-immune which made me feel in pain, uncomfortable in my skin, fatigued and depressed all the time. It was as if I lost my ability to function in all was and most importantly I became disconnected to mySELF. I felt like I lost my inner spark and “beauty.” Throughout this journey I have learned that true beauty radiates from withIN when we are connected to the truest version of ourselves and rooted in our magnificent purpose and energy. I was able to make the shift from doing to BEING which allowed me to honor my body and health through conscious moment to moment choices of every day and view everything I do as a form of self-love and care for the beautiful vehicle guiding me through this life experience. Fast forward to today, in healing myself I was able to reconnect to myself and my true purpose here on this earth which is to LOVE. Love is the foundation in everything I do and doing things from a place of love whether it’s working out, going on nature walks, cooking, working, connecting with others, etc. adds deep meaning and fulfillment to my life and the life of others around me which is part of all of our purpose here on earth to enrich the lives of others a be a part of one another’s story and catalysts for transformation. By healing myself and becoming my own superhero I am able to heal others and allow them to reignite their superpowers and become their own hero and of loved ones!

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