Joey Simsen

Joey Simsen

The Hague, Netherlands
Health Coach
Dutch, English

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Health and lifestyle coach from the Netherlands. I love to solve problems both practical and personal, and love to help people. I am a coach, using WILDFIT and Holobody in my practice. I myself have struggled with low energy, bad sleep, weird pains, moods wings and even depression for many years. My body also started looking less and less like I wanted it too. Different diets never stuck, and I often felt worse through it. After dismissing WILDFIT for a long time I finally tried it, and it absolutely transformed my health. The result was so amazing, that I immediately went on to become a coach and help other people improve their relationship with food. Once I had more energy, and actually felt good, I wanted to grow even further. Through Holobody I learned how to have a healthy relationship with my body, to incorporate movement and mindfulness, and how to keep growing and learning the rest of my life. Besides continually working on myself, I am now working from different locations in the world as a digital nomad. I love to go to warmer climates close to the sea, where I enjoy surfing and skateboarding.

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Health Coach


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