Elena Shak

Elena Shak

Stockholm, Sweden
Transformation Coach
English, Spanish, Catalan

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Are you longing for a better health and body? Do you wish you could overcome those obstacles that are holding you back to have the best health and body you can have? Do you wish to have and feel more energy? Do you desire to become the best version of yourself and feel confident in your own body? My purpose in life is to serve people giving them the best tools, knowledge and a window through you can pass to a new reality for yourself, not only transforming your body but also your emotions, to be in the best place you can be. I'm a Certified Holobody Coach. From a heart-centered perspective I wish to transmit to you the experience of bringing yourself to a place you never imagined. The place after all magic happened in you. A magic that you'll be able to replicate any time after going through an incredibly positive life changing experience, which I wish I can have the opportunity to guide you through. Find me on Instagram. With love, Elena

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Transformation Coach


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