Pinakin  Parekh

Pinakin Parekh

Brampton, Canada
Health Coach
Hindi, English, Gujarati

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Seeker of truth. Making this year the year of consistent growth in personal life to find myself and my purpose for existence and along the way having fun in every moment possible. I am by degree a mechanical engineer but I enjoy staying physically active, building deep connections with people and love to geek out on everything related to what us humans are. Simply put I love learning about how our mind and body work(bio hacking as vishen says). I love food and I am learning to be conscious of what I put in my body and how it can help me be more healthy and energetic so that I can learn and do more of the physical, mental and spiritual activities and want to contribute the knowledge to all that are seeking to live their life to their true potential. Struggling with my relationship with money and trying to ask my why to what I really want to and break the “brules” so that I can live the life to the fullest. Now Living the quest of personal mastery and about to finish and live Wildfit in my own terms. Tremendous growth and change in personal life. Still on the path of understanding mind, body, gut connection to soul. Created and living a four set mental model of guardian(ego), curious kid (growth seeker), Mr. Wisdom(experiences and knowledge implementation), Soul (liberator of all that comes and stands against love and compassion). Still on a journey of consistent growth. Certified Holobody Coach. Currently learning to utilize PQ techniques from the program created by Coach Shirzad.

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